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Tapatalk Groups is an end-to-end, fully managed community platform. With your online community on Tapatalk Groups, you get services such as Social Sign On, Spam Prevention, Questionable Content Detection, Ability to accept Member Donations, Premium Membership Subscription, Automatic Newsletters, SEO and more, to help you to run a great, sustainable community. It works seamlessly on desktop, mobile web, and our award winning mobile native app for both iOS and Android.

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Migrating Your Forums to Tapatalk Groups

Running a community is hard work, and it's even harder if you are not technically inclined. And the expenses add up. Finding and paying a hosting company, server issues, security, moving to HTTPS, back-up, spam, monitoring of inappropriate posts… Let us worry and manage the infrastructure so you can focus on building a great community culture.

Tapatalk’s scale enables us to use the latest cloud infrastructure to provide near 100% uptime, and protections against DDoS attacks.

Tapatalk Groups is 100% compatible with traditional forum systems, and our migration service ensures that all your posts, attachments, pictures and permissions, domain URLs and even Google SEO can be migrated seamlessly. (And of course, you can preview before anything is actually moved). And, you keep full control and ownership of your content!

Tapatalk Groups features include Automatic Newsletters, Members Donations, Premium Subscriptions, Managed Ad Display, Peer-to-Peer Payment to help you drive engagement and revenue.

Talk to us today if you own a self-hosted forum and learn how Tapatalk Groups can help you to save time from dealing with infrastructure, increase your revenue and lower your costs.

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If your forum has been migrated and you need support, please visit our community group.

Welcome Google+ Communities!

We made it easy for you to keep your Google+ Community alive, and to save all the great content created by your members. Tapatalk Groups can migrate entire Google+ community, including the conversations, photos and avatars to a Tapatalk Groups forum.

Why choose Tapatalk Groups?

Tapatalk Groups is a free web and app community platform home to 70,000+ forums. Like Google+, we take care of all the forum infrastructure and are built on the Amazon Web Services platform. We provide a secure and scalable environment so you can focus on what you do best - building community and nurturing great discussions.

And Tapatalk Groups has built-in support of Google Connect so your existing identities and posts will be retained.

See What Google+ Communities that have Migrated to Tapatalk are Saying

We were thrilled to be able to migrate our Google+ community of 6 years to Tapatalk Groups, as it's a familiar app to many of us. We’re really happy with our new forum.

Ground Zero Roms

We're extremely grateful to have Tapatalk to take care of the entire transition, end-to-end. All our posts are retained and our members can simply login with the same Google account and continue the discussion!

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Discussion & Resources

Our G+ community has over 42K members and 142K posts - all migrated over to Tapatalk Groups in one weekend! Very happy with the speed and ability to retain all the posts and memberships. Thank you!

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Tapatalk Groups Advantage


Access your community with the free Tapatalk Mobile app for iOS and Android. Your group is also mobile web optimized (mobile responsive) and has Google AMP support to maximize your exposure to the search engines. We pay special attention to Google SEO to make sure your site consistently ranks high in search so you can get more traffic and users.


Your group is a community - and we make it easy to accept donations from your members. Members who donate receive recognition status to encourage donations from more members. Donations are converted to Gold Points which you can use toward ad removal, or simply convert the points to cash and transfer the cash to your bank account.


Set aside certain categories or features only for Premium Members to access, such as posting limit to the classifieds. Encourage paid memberships and earn recurring fees directly from paid members. Simply set the amount you want to charge per month and let us takes care of the heavy lifting such as fraud prevention.


Let your members donate to remove advertisements or subscribe to our paid tier to fine-tune who sees ads (for example, ads to guests only). Encourage registration by limiting the ads to guests, or show ads to everyone except the admins and moderators. Tapatalk is the only platform that shares advertisement revenue with you so you can continue to build a sustainable community. If your current community is running in other platform or software - talk to us to learn how Tapatalk Groups can potential double your revenue.


Keep yourself informed of how your members are using your group - see how many new posts and new members everyday. check real-time interaction and more.

Network-wide Paid Subscription

Participating in Tapatalk VIP+ program to give your members more reason to upgrade to remove advertisements and gain additional privilege in your forum, as well as all other forums in Tapatalk Groups.


Your community will be hosted and managed by our certified engineers and hosted in a cloud-based environment including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer with data backup and 99.998% uptime.


Our In-house SPAM protection system helps to make sure your site is spam free and eliminates inappropriate content. Our support team monitors new registrations and regularly performs cleanup. That saves you time so you can focus on nurturing great discussions in your community.


Our In-house image detection uses the latest Computer Vision technology to detect, flag and remove questionable images so your group is protected from abuse, and child friendly.


Change the look and feel of your community with different color combinations, and personalize with your own community logo and cover photo. Your customization is synced across platforms so your community will also look great on the mobile app!


Free Basic Premium
Managed Community + Native Mobile App Your own branding + Priority Support Custom Domains + Ad Removal
CloudFlare, Akismet + AWS Integration
Scalable + Daily Backup
Increased Data Storage
Advanced Analytics Dashboard
Earn Gold Points and Convert Them to Cash
Group Chat
Earn Money
Accept Donation
Premium Membership Subscription
Revenue Share from Advertisement
Mobile First
Responsive Mobile Web
Tapatalk Mobile App
Branding Control
Hide Tapatalk Branding
Favicon Support
Custom Domain
CSS & JavaScript
Reorder outbound links and stats section
Advertisement Control *
Remove Ad by Donations
No Ad for Admin & Mods
Ad Control By Usergroup
Priority Support
Submit Support Tickets
$ 0 /month $ 5 /month

or 1,000 Gold Points

$ 10 /month

or 2,000 Gold Points

* Tapatalk Groups is free and is supported by advertising. Subscribe to Premium Tier ($10/mon) to remove advertising for up to 20,000 page views, and $0.5 per every 1000 additional page views.

Enterprise Customer or Big Board?

If you are running a large community or multiple communities, contact us to see how we can help!

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